Inspired Handbags – Why Settle?

The fashion industry is certainly a lucrative business. From the big fashion houses to the trendy boutiques, each have found their niche market to cater to. The fashion industry has spawned a dark side however as unscrupulous individuals and businesses have also found a way to make money from the fashion industry. These businesses can be found in any part of the supply chain – from manufacturing down to the point of sale. A popular fashion product being sold by these counterfeiters are handbags. The Internet abounds with sites that sell these products in a variety of ways. Some sites claim to sell just fashion inspired handbags. Basically these are handbags that have key elements of a particular popular design but the details found in the originals are lacking. They do not technically violate copyright laws as the bags are not outright copies of the originals and are not sold as the original product. Some sellers go the exact opposite direction and brazenly advertise that they sell exact replicas down to the tiniest detail like time stamps, monograms and serial numbers. More insidious are online retailers that claim to sell originals at discounted prices. Usually these are sites of wholesale-designer handbags sellers that claim there products are authentic yet cheap because they get them at wholesale prices from their suppliers, or the customer is required to have a minimum order amount or number.

Whether they are called designer inspired handbags, exact replicas or authentic replicas, these bags almost always come from the same source – counterfeit manufacturers. There are manufacturers that solely exist to make fake bags and these guys more often than not employ cheap and sometimes forced child labor which would explain a whole lot why their products can be bought at a tiny fraction of the price of the original item. Some fake products however are made by the same factory that manufactures the authentic product. This happens when the factory owner produces overruns or extra orders in a batch without the knowledge of the trademark owner. Since they use the same materials and methods, fakes of this kind are harder to detect.

There is an alternative to the aforementioned online sellers of wholesale-designer handbags. Some websites offer a way for the buyer to make sure that what they get are the real thing and not those so-called inspired handbags. For a fee, these sites compile and update an online list of suppliers and wholesalers of authentic designer handbags. The products are guaranteed to come straight from Italy thus one is completely assured that the product is manufactured by craftsmen and not forced labor. The good thing about buying from these wholesale suppliers is that they offer genuine designer articles at substantial discounts. This is ideal for those who want to enter into a buy and sell business in designer bags. Getting the items in discounted wholesale price will give one the flexibility in selling so that profit is assured. One shouldn’t be intimidated by the word wholesale though. Some suppliers have a very low minimum orders so that one can also buy for personal use.

Menswear: Finding Your Fashion Inspiration

For a number of years, fashion was always seen as a woman’s game; the clothes, shoes and the handbags offered by the world’s most renowned names made it clear that this was an industry that was powerfully dominated by the ladies. This isn’t to say that big named designers did not have mens ranges; of course they did however it seems that it has only been in the recent years that fashion has become an industry in which both sexes are equally catered for.

Although we may not have the sheer range of clothing and accessories that women’s fashion is known for, as men we now have an impressive selection of clothes on offer. From Alexander McQueen to Hugo Boss and Topshop; designer menswear has drastically altered but for the average Joe so used to the plain old t-shirts and the one standard pair of jeans, how do you go about discovering your inner fashion desires in order to determine just what is right for you?

From the world-renowned 7 for All Mankind Jeans to the Hugo Boss shirts; the variety is endless however fear not, you don’t have to get on board with flower power or start embracing neon blue clothing in order to be fashionable. Fashion is open to interpretation so remember it is all about you and not anyone else.

Not sure where to find your fashion inspiration? Then consider the following points…

Comfort- Yes fashion is about looking good but it is also about feeling good too so when it comes to choosing clothes consider your own comfort. Will you be at ease in the skinny jeans? Or are you squeezing yourself into them because you saw your favourite celebrity wearing them? Just because it works for one person doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for others so be weary and try not to be too adventurous!
Body Type- Whether you are a bulkier man or the skinnier type, it is important to ensure that you are buying clothes which fit you and fit you well. Whatever style may appeal to you, don’t attempt to buy anything if it emphasises any imperfections. No matter how good David Beckham looks in skinny jeans and a tight top, it might not work on you so consider your shape before you make any moves.
Colours- From yellows to blues and to pinks; there are masses of colours to choose from that can look fantastic particularly in the summer season but again it is about finding what is right for you. You may like the look of a blue suit or the polka dot shirt but does the colour suit your skin tone? Try on various shades and have a look at what matches your tone to ensure you stand out, for all the right reasons.

With so much to now choose from, men are no longer neglected by the fashion industry which means for the average Joe the options really are endless. Inspiration is everywhere you look but knowing what will work for you can be the difficult part so take the time to consider your own issues, needs and what will ultimately make you feel comfortable and you’ll no doubt find the right clothing that will not only make you look good but feel good too.